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Bandom Advent Calendar
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A bandom-themed calendar leading up to Christmas/Hannukah/Yule/whatever.

This is a slightly different kind of holiday challenge, one to make the waiting for Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/whatever easier. It could also be something for those who don't have time for a "proper" fic exchange, and for people that don't write fic.

The challenge: Inspired by the Christmas calendars traditional in my corner of the world, people sign up to make a bandom post on a certain day between December 1-24. The posts can be fic, icons, picspams, fanmixes, fic recs - anything bandom-related goes. There are no length or size requirements. After all, we all know that some really awesome things come in tiny (boy-shaped) packages... *g*

The calendar: 2008

Pimpage: Feel free to pimp the challenge or snag some holiday-themed icons here.

Disclaimer: In no way, shape or form related to anyone or anything REAL. Seriously, we're just fangirls playing around and don't mean to imply anything except for our love for boys (and girls) in bands...

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