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Day 22: fic!

So, I'm supposed to be doing Day 22 but then I have internet issues on that day! (What a coincidence.) So I'm posting this two days late. :( Hope you guys will like it.

Title: Features Started Blending
Pairing: Fall Out Boy gen
Disclaimer: I think Pete has stopped googling himself. But that doesn’t mean I own them. Certain parts of this story is taken from actual events, but other than that all other coincidences are strictly fiction.
Warnings: None
Summary: In March 2007, Patrick quitted Fall Out Boy. Trufax. ~1500 words
Notes: After the story.

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Day 21: Fanvid recs

After the nice reception of the AU recs I did before I thought another set of recs might be appreciated. Good bandom vids are rare, I'm guessing mostly because the source material are crappy Youtube interviews and music videos, but there are a couple I do enjoy...

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Day 18: Vintage MCR picspam

For my first bandom_calendar post, I brought you some old Fall Out Boy pictures. For my second post, I thought I’d harken back to times of yore for my other favorite band, My Chemical Romance. Follow the link to 175+ pictures from 2002-2005. Quite obviously, this post is image heavy. Sadly—unlike the FOB picspam—no one is topless (although Gerard is almost pantsless and Mikey’s tummy makes several brief appearances). But you will get a visual tour of some really bad fashion, some really bad hairstyles, and four dorks from New Jersey (and one from Chicago). Enjoy.

Easy peasy pumpkin pie mother...


Day 17: Gabe holiday (mostly) gen fic

Title: just trust the ground that you stand on
Author: sleepherealone
Pairings: Gabe/Bianca and Pete/Ashlee are established couples, but this is more gen than anything else.
Rating: PG
Length: 2,857 words
Warnings: None aside from cavity-causing sweetness?
Disclaimer: All from my imagination.
Summary: Gabe feels out of sorts after his surgery but rarely asks for what he needs. Luckily, his loved ones know him too well to let that slide.
Notes: This takes place roughly a few days after Gabe's surgery on his vocal cords and right after FOB finished their tour dates for that month, both in December of 2008. And I can't ever give enough praise and love to everyone who looked over this for me, you guys are wonderful. My apologies for posting this a few hours late!

Day 15: Frank/Gerard Wagon Train fic

Title: The Sun Never Sets (On Those Who Ride into It)
Author: allyndra
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (background Mikey/Alicia)
Rating: FRC
Length: about 6,600 words
Disclaimer: Entirely the product of my vivid imagination.
Summary: Go West, young man! Frank and the other My Chem guys do, on a wagon train for California.
Notes: I started this a million years ago, but I finished it for the bandom_calendar. My apologies for posting late.

Day #16 Pete/Patrick Art

My fail is your pleasure. :) Have some interactive art.

Click thumbnail for fullsize and line art. :)


Day #14: Pete/Patrick fic!

Title: five times pete never called patrick during christmas (and one time he did)
Pairing: implied - well, intended Pete/Patrick (but Pete/Ashlee, more explicitly)
Rating: Gen-ish, or PG-13, highest.
Word Count: 4253
Warnings: Het. Do we warn for that? A little het kissing.
Disclaimer: Real, like Santa. Details have been messed with, and in some cases, completely made up. I don't know when Pete and Ashlee got married, and I'm pretty sure Patrick isn't married yet, and it's a logistic nightmare to have your wedding on Christmas, I'd expect, so that's completely unrealistic too.

Summary: Once it's too late, it's over - Pete supposes, the only thing left to do was to start over again. How some things change with time, and some don't. But mostly, they do.

Day #11: Brendon/Spencer fic

Title: Sparks Inside of Me
The air in the van smells like air-conditioning and Brendon. Spencer thinks he must be going insane. He nudges Jackie with the heel of his hand and she looks away from the window slowly. Her eyes read What the hell do you want? but she says, "Yeah?"

Spencer shrugs and makes a stupid face. She looks nervous and kind of teary. Spencer acknowledges that she's doing this alone, without her friends, in a strange place, and without Crystal for the first time in her life, like, ever. At least when Spencer had been traveling around in a shitty van at eighteen he'd had Brendon, Ryan and Brent.

He says, "It'll get easier," and a tear streams down her cheek. He reaches over and wipes it away for her and she nods. Up front, his mom and dad exchange a quick glance, but no one says anything after that.
| ~2,300 words

Notes: Firstly, late because my computer crashed with a virus! ): Also, this started out as a story about Spencer and his sister, and evolved into something completely different.

read it here

Day #13 - A Joe/Pete Primer

I know you've all heard about how it was love at first sight for Pete and Patrick and his argyle socks/sweater, but did you know that Joe and Pete have some pretty epic bro love going on too?

If not, then you totally should.

Day 12: AU fic recs

Hi everyone! Hope to be able to point you in the direction of some AUs that you don't know yet... Probably rather Pete/Patrick-centric, because that's how I roll. :)

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